Sick Notes and Medical Certificates

You don’t always need to see a clinician

For short lived minor illnesses which coincide with assessment tasks, all students are allowed to self certify for 7 days or less.  You can do this by obtaining a personal sick note (self certification form) from the reception at the Health Centre and complete it yourself.

If an assessment contributes 10% or less of the module credit, a self certification completed by yourself should be submitted within 3 days of returning to University after the illness.

You need to see a clinician

When you have an illness that prevents attendance at a major exam or prevents you submitting an assignment that constitutes at least 10% of the module mark


You have a major or prolonged illness lasting more than 7 days.

Please ask for an appointment with a Nurse Practitioner if you need a certificate.

Please note there is a £20 charge for a certificate

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